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Old 10-31-2007, 07:48 AM
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Default TMS07: Toyota/Lexus

The largest and most profitable carmaker in the world took its time and space to showcase its hybrid technology and people-carrying design skills. While they had a number of cars on display, their real presentations were for a personal carrier and their Lexus hybrid SUV concept. Beyond that, the FT-HS made another appearance which is a very cool car in person. With some tweaking, it will be a welcome competitor in the $30k sports car segment. The IS-F was also present (where isn't it these days?) as was the wonderfully sexy LF-A- which Lexus will be using to directly target Ferrari with. Although many (myself included) expected the LF-A to debut this year in production form, apparently Lexus has delayed the car while they fine tune its 200+mph aerodynamics....

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Old 10-31-2007, 12:54 PM
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Default Re: TMS07: Toyota/Lexus

I mean reallly- are words needed?
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