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Old 09-02-2009, 01:16 AM
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Default The Goat, A Bull and The Talons

"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine..."

"My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weakness, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will..."

Commonly referred to as The Rifleman's Creed, this is a key part of basic US Marine Corps doctrine. Originally written in the very early parts of World War 2, all US Marines become acquainted with it in recruit training. There they are expected to learn it, know it, and live by it.

It's a key component of life in the Marine Corps for one simple reason: A Marine that arrives first on the scene but with no gun, is about as useful as showing up to the track without an engine. Or in my case, a memory card for my camera.


I violated the creed. In checking and cleaning my equipment the day before, I did not reload. As with any soldier in the field I also carry a backup. But, for the shots that needed to be taken, it simply wasn't adequate. There just wasn't enough light. This I discovered, was precisely why the USMC has the Rifleman's creed. They are not your typical combatants. They must be ready to shoot under unusual and challenging conditions, and on little notice. Without my memory card, I was about as useless as a Marine who'd arrived on a battlefield with no ammo...

...except for my side arm, my Canon Elph. I put it to use to grab the most important action- video of the races. It was especially good to have because it was one of the biggest nights for racing in some time: in a Wild Wild West style, a race had been arranged to determine which RX7 was the fastest on island. But, just as the case was in the west, a lot more than money lay on the line, and some would get more than they bargained for...

King of the Streets

It was March, 2009. Ralphie and Hubert, behind one white RX7, had proclaimed their RX to be the King of the Streets. This was just prior to the races held by the same name. Many hoped to prove the claim false but the white RX7, commonly known as the Goat, did not race. As a consequence, some were left disappointed.

In the months following, that RX saw little to no action. There were many races, but few in its class. Among the races seen however was one gray Talon (owned by John) taking on one red Talon (owned by Link). The red Talon had not been on the streets in some time and many wondered how it would perform. To everyone's surprise, in a quarter mile race it beat John's gray Talon, with a great showing of its AWD prowess off the line and maintaining that momentum out in the open.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago and there was talk of more races for the Talons. There was also talk of a race with one third generation Red RX7 (owned by RedBull). The rumor was that RedBull would race Ralphie & Crew's RX7. Long story short, the race didn't happen, as Ralphie's camp was not ready...until last week.

The agreement, reached on the steps of old-Vitelco at Sunny Isles, was plain and simple. It would be a "raw power", "turbo for turbo" race between Ralphie's white RX and RedBull's red third gen RX. It was agreed on that no nitrous would be used. It was said that Ralphie would be driving vs RedBull himself. No regulations were placed on tires or fuel. It would be a heads up match race, hand doused at the track, to the tune of close to a thousand dollars in US denominated currency. The two agreed to meet at Sunny Isles, 7pm, Saturday August 29.

Aug 29, 2009. Minutes to 7PM

RedBull and crew arrived at Isles and prompty moved out to the track, as agreed on with Ralphie & Co.

Moments later, RedBull was at the track, tires having already been mounted on the car. His preparation? checking his oil. His demeanor? Relaxed. He actually took some time to check out the look of his new wheels he'd just gotten. Confident? Yes. Overly confident? Maybe... Or maybe not: From his perspective, it was only a race. He brought his car out just as he runs it on the street, pump gas and all. Mentally, he was in the game...

That was, until Ralphie and his team arrived. With them they carried their usual personas of absolute confidence.

It instantly painted the picture of the rivalry that night. The image of nonchalance in Ralphie's camp was only skin deep though: although the Goat has been known to live, eat, and sleep on drag radials, Ralphie was taking no chances that night and had brought a pair of slicks. In the moments leading up to the race, they began to mount tires and clear out the interior, in the process installing a nitrous bottle that RedBull happened to spot. Immediately, RedBull protested. 'If this is a raw power race, why is a Nitrous bottle being installed?' He asked. The response? 'We're not going to use it, but we're not taking it out.' They turned back to their work.

RedBull wasn't satisfied. He then went to check the car in closer detail, looking over some lines and switches. 'What's that?' He asked, pointing at something he found suspicous. Oh, "that's an intercooler sprayer" they responded. Being an RX owner himself, RedBull wasn't buying it. 'That's got to come out,' he insisted, affirming that he came to run the race agreed on and nothing more. He looked over the car and spotted additional suspicious modifications.

RedBull explained that he didn't have a problem with them checking his car out but, as the Goat is known to run nitrous, and that was explicitly forbidden, he didn't see why the system should be left in the car.... Especially when it could be so easily removed. When confronted, Ralphie and crew disagreed. They did not see why they should have to remove the Nitrous setup if they would agree to not use it.

A heated argument started. Ralphie and his brother Hubert said that RedBull was just getting scared. RedBull said they were cowards. The camps started to get drawn in and the argument escalated until RedBull returned to his car, where he suddenly decided that he no longer wanted to do the race at all. He told everyone he was done, and to let Ralphie and company know to not bother with the race anymore. Everyone stood around him in a sort of disbelief. Was he serious?

He was. More debate followed but this time, RedBull wasn't a party- he didn't care. He wouldn't change his mind. Eventually, Ralphie & crew asked RedBull what it would take to do the race. RedBull however, was no longer interested. It just wasn't worth the games and arguing to him.

It needs to be said that the crowd, by this point in time, was easily as large as any CDRA race night in the last few months, if not larger. The race that everyone had heard about, and that everyone had come out to see, was now cancelled though. The night, it seemed, was a waste.

With a couple Talons there who were willing to go for some good runs, not all was lost. RedBull arranged a casual race with John and his Gray Talon. It was something of a gamble for the two, nothing serious. It was of real interest to everyone though. John's car had been racing before. People had a decent idea how it was fairing, but how would the Red 3rd Gen RX7 R1 do? No one really knew.

And so, with the whole crowd watching, the two lined up.

The race went down as quickly as it was arranged and just as efficiently. It was devoid of the arguments that preempted the first attempt of a race. On the first drop of the hands, the two cars launched. There were no false starts. The results forced more than a few to raise their eye brows...

The Talon jumped off the line- ahead of the RX. For an instant, it looked as if RedBull might have met its match. Then he shifted for second and the turbocharged rotary responded in a big way, swiftly putting distance on the Talon. From that point on, there was no looking back. By the end, RedBull had steadily moved forward to clinch the victory. It was a gamble of a race, but a good one...

After that run, things slowed for a bit... but not for long. Soon Ralphie's white RX7 was pulled out again as the Goat underwent testing. Everyone stood in near silence as they ran it down the track- a run that seemed to occur more out of defiance than anything.

Many thought there was nothing to see... until suddenly a lot of money started getting pulled out from all over the staging area. A big race was about to go down. Ralphie was about to race John. The Goat would race the gray Talon. Who'd win? Would it be a blow out? No one was sure. Everyone gathered to watch as the two began making preparations.

Money continued to get counted. Rumor had it that the market size (on both sides) for the betting surrounding the race exceeded US$6,000. Basically, nearly anyone who wanted to bet could find someone to take the other side. Both sides were deeply entrenched, with massive confidence in their cars. Ralphie and crew continued to maintain their car was a serious contendor. It was, after all, the self proclaimed king of the streets. Needless to say, John and crew disagreed. Sentiments behind the race ran deep as the cars lined up.

There were only a couple false starts before the big moment came and they both launched..

..And John's Talon left the Goat behind by a gap that few had truly expected. The Goat simply wasn't competitive. What more could be said?

John climbed the hill. And now the King was dead.

Those that ridiculed the "RedCow" and also thought John's Talon would be easy were now fed extra helpings of Stew Goat. But the night wasn't over yet. There was talk of a rematch, with just as much money - if not more- on the line. But then, just before it went down, John's car was rolled off to the side. It was said that they had no more race gas. Did others have race gas there? Yes, namely their competitors. Were they interested in giving (or reasonably selling) any? Apparently not. There would be no rematch.

But there was another race in the making. After a bit of downtime, it was thought that the red Talon belonging to Link would race John. That didn't happen. Instead, Link would race RedBull, and not for the small amount of money that RedBull and crew were looking for. If the race were to happen, Link and Crew wanted it to happen for more than a grand. Originally, that wasn't what RedBull and crew were looking for. But they really wanted the race to happen, so they matched the bet... and the race was on.

As with the prior runs, this was a race that few had any idea what to expect. This red Talon had already shown its stuff in a run with John in the weeks prior... much to everyone's surprise. And now RedBull was taking him on...

Off to the line they went and again, the race went down with haste. And yet again, everyone was left wide eyed at the results.

RedBull again put his formal drag racing training to work, with his usual A-Grade launch. Paired with his second gear, it proved to be just too much for Link's car as the red turbo rotary pulled strong to the end of the 1320'.

So RedBull had done it. Again....

Looking back on the night's events, Ralphie and crew had issued many a challenge and made many a claim. They certainly talked the talk. But in this company, talk just wasn't enough. They say you should run what you brung and hope you brung enough. They hadn't. Perhaps some still want to see RedBull take on the Goat. After having seen the outcomes of subsequent races however, any race between the Red RX and the White RX has since become a foregone conclusion.

The winners from the night all drove home with the spoils of their victories. There will be more races though, no doubt about it. While there was some talk against it, Ralphie & crew will be back. To be sure, it will be difficult to tell the truth from the hype, and some will not offer them a race. Some will though, and rumor has it that there's a certain blue Corolla entering the mix ...willing to run the Goat. But will the Goat be able to legitimately make its claim again? The claim of the King of the Streets title? Or will it be able to make the claim that Ralphie and crew are now more interested in making - holders of the fastest RX7 on the island? Given the performance of RedBull and his car, that seems very unlikely to happen anytime soon. Indeed, if it is to ever dominate again, it has many a big hill to climb.

As far as the Talons go, John and his Talon continue to garner props from others on the track grounds. Meanwhile, there's a serious respect for what Link's car is capable of. The whispers near the guardrails echo the potential the car has, if everything can get sorted out with it. But, by the time that happens, there may be more than a couple other cars ready to meet that challenge as well...
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Old 09-02-2009, 01:47 AM
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Default Re: The Goat, The Bull and the Talons

I really dont know what to say son cant wait for my story to be told nothing new from u cuz as allways u the man dog u the man
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Default Re: The Goat, The Bull and the Talons

nuff respect to redbull and john....the cars look like they runnin real good...and great write up tekk like always......
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Default Re: The Goat, The Bull and the Talons

nice racing that night...........

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Default Re: The Goat, The Bull and the Talons

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Old 09-02-2009, 08:05 AM
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Default Re: The Goat, A Bull and The Talons

stew goat hahahahahaha wwwoooooooooooooooooooo
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Default Re: The Goat, A Bull and The Talons

Originally Posted by mentally View Post
stew goat hahahahahaha wwwoooooooooooooooooooo
i know! i said the same thing when i saw that shit!

then i got hungry!
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Default Re: The Goat, A Bull and The Talons

stew goat lol is there enough to make a poy of curry goat too. Well guess next time will anyone here make some good bank other than redbull. I'm hoping you fuckahs bet on him and made some bank.
all for the love and enjoyment
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Default Re: The Goat, A Bull and The Talons

great write up as always tekk nuff respect to everyone that raced that night except for ralphie and his group of cheerleaders i give nuff respect to john the car is working great and he is a real sportsman. i look forward to this weekend, should be interesting........ i will be ready as always, with my tank full of 93 octane and a set of ET streets. we will just have to wait and see what happens.

oh and i did it all in slippers
"While its never possible to have too much power. It becomes increasingly frustrating having not enough grip."

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Default Re: The Goat, A Bull and The Talons

TEKK Said: It needs to be said that the crowd, by this point in time, was easily as large as any CDRA race night in the last few months, if not larger. The race that everyone had heard about, and that everyone had come out to see, was now cancelled though. The night, it seemed, was a waste.

THats mess up wat u said bout CDRA Races. But great races Red I need my car up to roll in yuh camp.
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