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Old 07-23-2009, 12:18 AM
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Default Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

The flat boxer engine. It might seem like an oddity to many- to have the pistons opposing each other and not moving up and down vertically- but in fact it was the first internal combustion engine designed, way back in the 19th century. Fast forward over a hundred years and its creator, Mercedes Benz, no longer uses them. They have, however, remained alive and well and have seen extensive use in motorsports. Legendary car maker Subaru, uses them widely, and with much success- not only in rally racing through dirt, but also on the streets. And on an island in the Caribbean, mounted in one car in particular, it's been very successful at giving many a competitor serious problems.

The reason? Reliability. It's a car from camp ERD, an eight year old crew who's core specialty has involved doing its homework on racing. Rey's turbocharged Subaru WRX is one of the camp's more competitive cars in recent years, borrowing from some of the team's core ideas on performance. The approach is neither dramatic nor sexy, it's the simple game of winning.

The car is of course, well modified- from the turbo employed to all breathing and its state of tune. The EJ motor sounds rough. It's an unmistakable sound, which almost seems like something's wrong with it, but like a watch made with Swiss watch movement, it's actually very precise, and the state of tune the car's in is very regulated. With off island tuning to support local building and racing operations, the approach has been conservative and planned yes, but also strong and successful:

It's a proven 12 second car.

And this consistency theme has carried over to its maintenance and even operation. The jockey tonight would be none other than Mikey, who is highly experienced with turbocharged cars, AWD racing and racing against both the light and the hands. He's a fast, and equally importantly, consistent driver.

That's important because in racing, where drivers sometimes fail in the clutch position, and motors often fail to drive the car, it's a dangerous package. The man machine combination has proved dead reliable and has brought many wins accordingly.

So not only would an opponent have to be fast to beat the white WRX, but for they would need to be reliable in both man and machine as well. On the St Croix race track, that's not something taken for granted. But, to be sure, it's also a boring combination. This was why, on July 21, as the white WRX sat lifelessly still and cold on the track, all eyes were on Joseph's blue Integra as it rolled through the gates.

The One Eyed Bandits had arrived fashionably late but their racing manager, Adrian, immediately began rolling the car out to make race preparations. It would be some time before the race would be ready to go down, as they had a lot of work to do. The car had just arrived but the setup they'd be running hadn't been tested yet.

The Integra, running a LS VTEC motor, reinforced with Type-R components in an all-Honda OEM build with a 100 shot of nitrous, was the definite underdog of the night. It was obvious as they started making preparations for the run. It took them some time to test the car - and many were upset that they'd come down to waste time doing that. Yet still Adrian, Joseph and crew worked in their sphere, oblivious to the commentators and flak they were receiving- to make sure everything was up to their specification and that all was in order. They had intended on doing it the Monday prior, but due to rain, could not. As they worked, they kept Rey and Mikey informed on their status, ultimately letting them know what they wanted to do, in order to not keep them waiting and make sure it was understood the race was going down. They were all business though, and made it very clear that if the any of the then-becoming-vocal spectators were tired of waiting, they were free to go home....

Initially Adrian wanted Joseph to leave the line with nitrous but that wasn't working well for them so ultimately they set it to begin spray after launch. With their car finally setup the way they wanted it, they shifted their focus to money matters. The money market was tilted largely against them though as eager betters who favored the WRX started to have difficulty finding people to take the opposite sides.

But the One Eyed Bandits were resolute. So much so that they themselves provided market additional cash, increasing the bet to a full one thousand, not inclusive of the many side bets that were being made. The increase in the wager was instantly, and eagerly, matched.

This must be taken in context. They knew what they were facing: the WRX was originally going to be driven by its owner but would now be driven by a select jockey who was highly experienced on a platform that, under the owner's own research and in collaboration with stateside tuners, had been well setup. The One Eyed Bandits however, would be fielding their car with new modifications and little testing - with the owner, Joseph, as driver. Furthermore, they would be running a nitrous setup he was inexperienced with...a nitrous setup that hadn't even been setup to full specification. For them to increase the wager, in this context, was brave. But they believed in their work. It was a real gamble. Especially with the street analysts giving the nod to the WRX. If you were to have asked the One Eyed Bandits though - they were confident the nitrous would make all the difference they'd need.

The money was quickly put together and both pulled to the line as they agreed on dousing terms: the race would not be on until both drivers launched.

With Spragga handling the dousing and raising his hands for the first time, the track froze in anticipation. Then the WRX launched... but the Integra stood at the line. No go. They would reset... and after great anticipation the Integra launched... while the WRX stood at the line. It would happen again. And again. Several times. Then the WRX would launch early to try to anticipate the quick launch of the Integra. No luck. The crowd grew frustrated as this happened time and again.

But then, just after a false start and without even fully standing, Spragga raised his hands. No one moved. Then he dropped them and both cars launched.

Off the line, the race was surprisingly close. Against a hand douse there's always a risk that someone might leave late and in reaction - effectively costing themselves the race- instead of just sitting on the line if they weren't ready. That didn't happen though and both drivers left at virtually the same time. Here's what followed:

Off the line through first and second the race was very close. Out in the open though, all of that changed as Joseph started to pull away from the WRX - establishing and holding its lead all the way to the finish line. In front of a very surprised crowd, Joseph had launched his Integra and drove it to victory. As each second passed everyone looked for the WRX to pull forward but it just didn't happen. And crucially, Joseph made no mistakes.

In post race discussion with both crews, everyone felt that there was more left on the table. Between Rey and Mikey, they saw the race as close - but thought it was largely lost in transmission shifting issues. Meanwhile, Adrian and Joseph agreed the race was close but from their perspective, thought that with more seat time and work, Joseph would be able to drive the Integra even closer to its limits. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, Adrian pointed out that while the car was setup to run a 100 shot of Nitrous, they were only seeing about 80, as he commented that the car was running too much fuel for the setup.

Frame by frame analysis supports the story from Rey and Mikey... to an extent. It can be seen that the car was losing time around shifts 3 and probably also shift 4. But, as it can also be seen, the Integra pulled on the WRX in gears 2 and 3. It's difficult to say what would have happened had the shifting gone to Rey & Crew's expectations.

Perhaps there will be a rematch? We'll have to stay tuned on that. But what we know for sure, right here and right now is this: these IFs and BUTs must take a backseat to the reality of the race and the scope of Joseph's accomplishment: With the odds decidedly against him, Joseph ran his One Eyed Bandit Nitrous Integra in a simple but powerful setup to outrace the ERD Subaru Impreza WRX and its very capable driver.

Congratulations to Joseph, Adrian, and the entire One Eyed Bandits crew.

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Old 07-23-2009, 12:55 AM
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

Nuff respect to joesph and crew for the race

We will be back for shure

And cuz u did it agin great coverage as allways
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Old 07-23-2009, 01:01 AM
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

Originally Posted by De O View Post
Nuff respect to joesph and crew for the race

We will be back for shure

And cuz u did it agin great coverage as allways

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Old 07-23-2009, 01:06 AM
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

great race. nuff respect to everyone involved. congratulations to joseph, gotta give credit where its due.........
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Old 07-23-2009, 01:14 AM
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

nice looking run...u can hear whe nJoe flips the switch just before the shift to third and fire ball lol...nice
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Old 07-23-2009, 01:29 AM
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

Great coverage wow .. But most of all great race.. Better car won that race.. But Good the hear both cars had more in them.. So rematch should be soon..!!
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

As soon as i do my tranny upgrade it will go on again trust that
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Old 07-23-2009, 08:56 AM
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

Damn! that Teg ripped him a new asshole and it's N/A!
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Old 07-23-2009, 09:43 AM
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

Lovely write up, worthy of being in a tuner magazine. Nice Race guys, congrats to both camp...big ups to the winner.
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Default Re: Match Race - Subaru WRX vs Acura Integra

Originally Posted by reyrey View Post
As soon as i do my tranny upgrade it will go on again trust that
yo reyrey lit it be my car vs the integra
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