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Default StreetSeen in Japan | 9. The Omori Factory

We awoke early to explore the hotel and search for food. While I was getting ready I got a call from Chris, who was already downstairs exploring the lower levels of the hotel. He said that he was in the parking garage and that there were some cars down there I should check out. I got ready with a quickness and made my way to the elevators...

Low and behold, he'd found a genuine E46 M3 CSL, a couple tastefully modified 911s, an R35 GT-R, F430 Spyder, and a Rolls Royce. Lighting was poor in the garage but I couldn't help myself and attempted to get some shots anyway. It was the first time I'd ever seen a CSL in person. But right there in front of me was a real and authentic CSL. Although modified, it was still carrying the stock Michelin Pilot Sport Cup competition tires. Truly awesome.

We didn't have all day to spend there though. We planned on going out to Omori, which is where the Nismo Omori Factory is located. That is Nismo's Japan headquarters. It wasn't a long ride- maybe 30 minutes on the trains, but it left us with some time to think. The trip can be risky: While it's a pilgrimage worth making for any Nissan enthusiast, odds are you won't see much while you're there. They usually don't have much on exhibit, although you can see some cars in one of their garages. They also have an area where you can buy parts and check out magazines. Still though, given all the magic that happens there, I only hoped that we could manage something.

Fingers crossed, we made our way out the train and walked up the street to the Nismo Omori HQ.

We arrived....

From the usual visitor's perspective, there isn't much of the Nismo Omori factory to see. As expected, once inside we only saw a waiting area and a Skyline GT-R race car, which was roped off in another room. We made our way through the waiting area to find ourselves in a room with Nismo parts on display all around us. We were in the customer waiting area. From here, there was a view into the garage.

On display I saw the $50,000 Nismo Clubsport R35 GT-R kit - from seats to exhaust, diffuser, and suspension.

We browsed some magazines and began to chat with the people working there. We asked if we could check out the garage and take pictures. Sadly, we were told we could not. They barely understood any English and we barely understood Japanese, so it was a challenge... until we got to talking about our site and our cars. They asked how big NAGTROC was, so we told them the approximate numbers - we estimated that we had at least a couple hundred GT-R owners on the site at the time, and a few thousand active members in all. They seemed impressed. They then asked us about our cars. Two of us owned GT-Rs at the time. Myself and John (who had flown over from California). John owns a white Amuse R35 GT-R. They also asked what other Nissans we owned, I told them I had previously owned a Skyline 350GT (their G35) and a B14 Sentra. Then John went into his collection, staring with the S14s and other 240s he had, pausing in between each one, as if he was recalling old girlfriends. He spoke slowly, going over each one, model code by model code. Although he wasn't speaking in Japanese and they weren't speaking in English at the moment, there was no miscommunication. After each code they would nod and say "hai" (yes). As he continued they started to smile, recognizing the enthusiasts that had come in.

And then, as if it was determined that we were worthy, they started talking on the phone. As it would turn out, a friend of ours- Shin Inoue, who has close ties with Nissan Japan, was kind enough to have called in ahead of us, little to our knowledge...

And a moment later we were told they had something for us to see. We were led out back....

A man disappeared into their parking garage and I heard an engine start in the cold air. It sounded like an RB powered car. It's an unmistakable sound.

Then it came into view... And time stopped.

In the late 1990s, Nissan set out to build the ultimate form of its Skyline GT-R. The R34 GT-R was created, leveraging the latest version of their RB26DETT engine mated to their ATTESA E-TS All Wheel Drive system. A number of variants would be built, including the V-Spec, V-Spec II, Nür Spec, and others. During this time, Nissan's internal motor sports company, Nismo, set out to complete the vision of the R34 and build the ultimate Skyline GT-R. Their vision was finalized in 2000 and the R34 GT-R Z-Tune was born.

At the Nismo festival that year in Japan, Nismo introduced the Z-Tune R34. That next year Nismo set out to make this car into a road going model, adding air conditioning, a leather interior, catalytic converters, and changing the engine specification. Development trials and testing ran internationally until 2003 where it was taken to the Nurburgring in Germany. The following year Nismo competed in the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race with the car, winning its class and also winning 5th overall. That year, Nismo also celebrated its 20th anniversary, and in commemoration, decided to build 20 of the cars.

Rolling toward us, out of the garage, was one of them...

Because Z-Tune production began after the end of R34 GT-R production, all GT-R Z-Tunes actually began life as ordinary R34 GT-Rs. Nismo went to the market and bought back cars from owners. They had high requirements on the condition of the body and components inside. They also had a mileage requirement of less than 30,000KM (18,600 Mi). Once acquired, the cars were taken to Nismo's factory to be completely stripped and rebuilt. By hand.

They started with the chassis. The door frames were reinforced via spot welding while carbon composite materials were used the upper strut area and center tunnel areas.

Then they moved on to the suspension, employing a SACHS sourced setup consisting of a custom tuned 3 stage adjustable coilover dampener designed for aggressive tire compounds. Nismo also stiffened all the suspension bushings and adjusted the geometry of the suspension slightly, to support extremely aggressive driving. The factory Brembo braking system was removed and replaced by an upgraded specification from Brembo. The target? 1.6G under braking with street rated competition tires. This was achieved by using a 6 piston monoblock caliper at front, grabbing on a 2pc 365mm front rotor and a 4 piston rear caliper grabbing on a 355mm rear rotor. The Rotors were developed by KIRYU while the Calipers were developed by Brembo. The ABS unit was retuned for the setup, as were the ATTESA ET-S all wheel drive system and its differentials.

To put that power to the ground, Nismo employed Bridgestone's Potenza RE-01R tires in 265/35ZR18 sizing. For circuit use, Nismo worked with Bridgestone to develop Potenza RE55S competition tires in the same size. The tires are mounted on black LM GT4 GT500 model wheels from Rays Engineering. The wheels are 18x9.5J +5 and specifically sized for the Z-Tune. The wheels are come from a rare breed though, as only 200 sets of the "standard" "non Z-Tune" LM GT4 GT500 wheels were ever produced.

Then there's the heart of the car, its engine. For the Z-Tune, Nismo built an entirely new specification of the RB26DETT. What went to production is known as the RB26DETT Z-Tune Concept Engine Specification 2.

The target? 500 horsepower under endurance racing use.

They started with the block, and rejected the block that came with the car instead opting for the block they used in GT500 competition, which was different in that it was reinforced and bored out to 2.8 liters. With the new engine being spec'd to run boost pressures upwards 22Psi regularly, forged pistons were developed with integrated cooling channels. These pistons were mated to connecting rods that, like the block, came from their GT500 race vehicles. The connecting rods were then connected to a crankshaft that was also borrowed from the GT500 race vehicles.

Each motor was fully machined to specification, being balanced and blueprinted to guarantee that performance targets were met.

Each motor was also mated to a new turbo setup. Twin IHI ball bearing turbochargers as used in GT500 and the Nurburgring 24 hour endurance race were employed. Air flow going into the engine runs through a higher capacity intercooler which saw adjustments to fin pitch and shape to reduce pressure loss and improve cooling performance. On the exhaust side, high flow cats were used to improve performance through the titanium piping.

To manage cooling further, a larger radiator was used and two air cooled oil coolers were installed to keep temperatures down under very high speed driving.

Outside the car, Carbon Fiber was used for the hood, front bumper, and fenders. The panels covering the entire bottom of the car were made from carbon composite materials. The front bumper and hood were also modified, to better flow air into the engine and brakes. Nismo says the new air ducts on the hood were also built to achieve a "ram pressure effect" during high speed driving...

Inside, the interior trim was redone in leather and Alcantara, a synthetic suede.

The gauges were modified to go up to 320km/h (220mph) and the MFD's software was updated to feature a data logger and lap timer among other features. Nismo even went so far as to develop a new steering wheel with integrated air bag.

The colors of the car were chosen to reflect Nismo - a special silver color was selected (KY0) for the exterior while red and black were used on the interior.

They were priced at $200,000 when they came out and all of them were sold. You cannot buy them today.

This was the car they'd brought out for us.

And not just any of the 20 ever produced, but the first.

I was 8,400 miles from home but for those moments, I was much further than that. Reality, this was not...

Some time later, after all the questions we could think of were answered and we'd taken enough pictures, the beast was returned to storage and we made our way back inside. On the way back we saw a collection RB26DETT motors sitting on the floor, most of them built.

Once back in the customer lounge they showed us some of the Nismo apparel they had. We browsed their collection. I tried on a Nismo Jacket that John ended up leaving with. Although I liked it, it was a bit small, and I don't live in a climate nearly as cold as John. For me, they had a Nismo car towel and a pair of GT-R driving gloves...

The sun was setting. But the day was better than I could have imagined...

Our our way back to our hotel, we stopped by a Super Autobacs store, which is basically a store that sells parts to tune, customize, and maintain your car. They sell a variety of parts ranging from seats to steering wheels, fluids, filters, exhausts, and so on. They sell things that are both high end and mainstream. For example, you can buy Rays TE37 wheels and wrap them with RE55S competition tires or Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires right there on the spot. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures. Before leaving, we ate there in an American themed mini-restaurant next to a nice bookstore they had on their second floor. They might have had every Best Motoring ever in that bookstore...

Eventually we made our way back toward Tokyo, our minds still struggling to absorb the experience...

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Default Re: StreetSeen in Tokyo | 9. The Omori Factory

now this is a great one Tekk. i was kinda scared to open this thread after you was on that little honda trip. you make me wanna go to tokyo bad dogg. nice pics bro
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Default Re: StreetSeen in Tokyo | 9. The Omori Factory

Another masterpiece.

Can't wait to go back!!!!!!!
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Default Re: StreetSeen in Japan | 9. The Omori Factory

Home of VI fastest Rotary

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Default Re: StreetSeen in Japan | 9. The Omori Factory

and a nother one....!
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Default Re: StreetSeen in Japan | 9. The Omori Factory

all for the love and enjoyment
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Default Re: StreetSeen in Japan | 9. The Omori Factory

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Default Re: StreetSeen in Japan | 9. The Omori Factory

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Default Re: StreetSeen in Japan | 9. The Omori Factory

Ahhh the memories...
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Default Re: StreetSeen in Japan | 9. The Omori Factory

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