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Old 11-28-2008, 09:56 AM
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Default StreetSeen @ SEMA | Part 4 - The Show

Thursday night was an interesting say the least. What started as a quest for the Gran Turismo party ended with... well, it never really ended. At some point we stumbled out of the club to find ourselves getting hit by the brightest flashlight we'd ever seen: it was after seven in the morning and the sun had already risen. Somehow, we managed to get back to our rooms and after some quick showers, hit the buffets and returned to the show floors...

While I can't actually disclose what happened in the late hours of that night (because what happens in Vegas must stay there), I can say that if you know what you're doing, the Las Vegas night scene can get crazy. And if you don't know what you're doing - it's worse. You'll probably find yourself in a lot of trouble before you realize it...

The next day I attempted to finish taking pictures at the show. Between the lack of sleep, exhaustion from all the activity, and tricky lighting, I was convinced that none of the pictures would turn out. I modified my setup a little and went at it anyway though.

Luckily, the crew managed to survive OK. While I was out I saw some of the guys from the night before, conducting an interview for their website (a major one you've heard of) at the Toyo Tires booth as if nothing had happened the night before...

Later on, I managed to meet up with a guy from our GT-R site, NeoSeven. Neo's car at the show was the White GT-R on 22s.

Now at this point you might be thinking that it's a waste to do that to such a car.... well, maybe, but Neo isn't exactly what you'd envision a GT-R owner to be like. You see, after he gets home, he likes to swap out the 22s for the stock 20s with the OEM Bridgestones... just to conduct some time attack sessions at Leguna Seca. In fact, at the show he was busy working the floor to see if he could locate a set of OEM wheels with the Dunlop tires, to see if they were in fact faster than the Bridgestones. I think he said they'd become his 3rd or 4th set of wheels for his GT-R...

All good things though, must eventually end. But what a site it was when they did. StreetSeeners, you couldn't imagine the site of this many cars hitting the streets of Vegas at the same time...

At about 4PM just that happened though. The doors opened and all the cars of the SEMA show poured out onto the Las Vegas roads. For miles and miles you could hear the turbocharged bypass valves dumping air against the soundtrack of Italian motors spinning past 8 grand... hundreds of cars in all... terrorizing the local population and creating one of the craziest traffic jam's I've ever seen...

And somehow, I found myself riding in Neo's GT-R! Did I mention that he's on the full Amuse suspension? And that the car is also running the Amuse exhaust and front lip and wing, with all of this adjusted to Amuse's track recommended settings?

Pictures don't do his car justice, but I had to try anyway...

With Chuck also in the car, we assaulted the highways outside of Vegas before returning and hitting the strip. I would bet that there are supermodels that get less attention than Neo's GT-R; As we drove by the Excalibur, one man shouted "That's the best car.......EVER!" A few minutes later, another offered oral sex in exchange for a drive...

Peering out the back and under the carbon weave of the Amuse wing, I could see that people were left with their jaws open to the side as if the car left a wake that disrupted their neural-muscular systems...

After wreaking enough havoc on the strip, we returned to the MGM Grand. At that point I was completely exhausted and done for. I'm not sure what all happened after that - the next thing I remember was being halfway into the next day when I was already in Dallas, well on my way back home to St Croix.

I haven't met a single GT-R owner who comes close to fitting the character you'd picture by reading about Nissan's target demographic. Unbelievably, half of the crew seemed to have that Lil Wayne style game where the strippers ended up falling in love with them. The other half had no time for that, and James Bond style, were in another state the next day.

IllPayne, one such GT-R owner, commented on how fast our Japanese friends were in the back roads of Southern California. Scary words..."fast drivers" and "R35" in the same sentence...

A lot was clear about SEMA. To be sure I had a much better time than I expected. The trip ended up being a success from both the business and pleasure perspectives. I had met up with a lot of great people, and a great time was had by all.

Even still, it was apparent why some companies are no longer attending. The show is just that, a show. It's not the best place to sell a set of brakes that are designed to allow you to outbreak someone on the 3rd lap of the Nurburgring. Nor is it the best place for a small Japanese tuning company to exhibit their masterpieces. But it is a great place to see what the aftermarket industry as a whole is up to, as well as meet with others in the industry, and last but absolutely not least... be entertained.

For the final set of SEMA pictures, click here. As with the other sets, a high speed internet connection is required!
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Old 11-29-2008, 08:09 PM
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Default Re: SSVI SEMA Picture Thread Pt4 | ***Broadband Only***

I am in love with those Carbon Fiber HREs. I would have needed wayyy more time to capture all this. No wonder it has to be in Vegas
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Old 11-29-2008, 08:20 PM
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Default Re: StreetSeen @ SEMA | Part 4 - The Show

BTW- If there is a Santa, I want a Black GT-R on carbon fiber HREs please.

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